A revolution without a cause is just a riot.

We try to make a positive difference for the world. Respect the environment and people around you, be true to yourself and others and try to change bad things into something good. If a brand, product or service has a problem, we’ll speak up. It’s Bolt’s responsibility. We question things. We stir things up. Because we care. Be the best you can be or don’t bother. Douchebags fail, visionaries prevail.


Concept is everything.

Think of a brand like a house. It must be built from the ground up. The concept is the blueprint, the foundation and the architecture. Without a concept, your house will fall apart. It’s just a question of when. At Bolt, we believe in building brands with strong concepts. We’re the engineers and architects of great brands. Our tools are ingenuity, creativity and craftsmanship. Great brands endure. They’re timeless. Trust us as you trust an electrician. Don’t cut the wrong wire. Don’t guess. Don’t let the wrong people build your brand. Or your house.